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About epi.codes

The epi.codes network is a collection of useful services for your Epitech courses, since 2016!

We are a team motivated students whose aim is to provide tools to everyone, reducing search and hassle. Our tools range from simple websites for associations to multiple extensions or replacements of some features of Epitech's intranet.

Among our services, we provide roslyn, which stands out as the most used one since the launch of epi.codes. roslyn is a patchwork of multiple small tools aimed to help students in their projects, gathered onto one website. We also provide locals tools, like Groom which is the door opener service for Epitech Lyon, using Microsoft sign in mechanism.

Everyday, the epi.codes team is actively improving its services. A Discord server for the epi.codes network has been created: join it now to recieve updates about our current or upcoming services. If you have questions, bug reports or ideas, don't hesitate to tell us about it on Discord, we'll be happy to hear from you!


Our services

Secondary services

roslyn roslyn.epi.codes

Various small tools for your Epitech projects.

Despite its cryptic design, roslyn is more a goldmine that it looks like. Explore it to find tools you will not do without.

groom groom.epi.codes

Epitech Lyon's groom

This platform allows an Epitech student to open Epitech Lyon's temporary entrance.

This solves the security problems posed by blocking the door, and allows us to come and go as we please, like what Epitech should be.

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